InSite Portal

InSite effectively allows you access to us 24 hours a day from any web enabled computer.

InSite includes a cross platform soft proofing environment that allows registered users to annotate print ready files and approve documents in a user friendly and familiar environment not dissimilar to Adobe Acrobat.

Once online approval of artwork has been actioned, the system acts as a seamless extension to our prepress systems, which automatically produce plates ready for printing.

InSite uses email to notify both the studio and customer of progress and changes. It is set up collaboratively, allowing working group access, where more than one person is involved in the production and proofing process. InSite is a cross platform and can be accomodated by MacOS and Windows environments.

For agencies, brokers and creative's, the InSite login can be customised to portray individual brand or customer details thus protecting commercial sensitivities providing at the same time "value added" services.

A demonstration of InSite can be furnished upon request.

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• Click Here view about Upgrading Java to version 7.

Firefox stop supporting Java
(March 2017)
If suddenly experience problems with Insite uploading in Firefox, this means that your Firefox has updated to the latest version 52.0
The new Firefox  release (version 52) no longer supports Java (and other NPAPI plugins).
The ESR (Extended Support Release) of Firefox 52 will continue to support these plugins until early 2018."
So please select the appropriate link below, run the installation and the problem will be solved

Firefox ESR (32bit) for Windows

Firefox ESR for Apple Computers