Tips for Printing

Document is at the final trim size.
Page size always refers to the size of the finished page, after trimming.
Paper size always refers to the size of the sheet of paper on which you print the publication, before trimming.

Documents with multiple pages should be saved as single pages in one file

No important design in 4 mm inside margin (type safety).

Bleed area around the page is 5 mm.

All RGB images are converted to CMYK and gray images to Grayscale.

All images are at a high resolution (images below 150 dpi will fail preflight).
We suggest to use Fogra 39 in ICC Profile

All fonts are included.
When exporting work as a PDF, select to embed all fonts.

Spot color job: delete any unused spot colors from color palette.

4-color job: convert all spot colors to process CMYK.

Keep in mind that some spot colors do not reproduce satisfactorily when built out of process.